Our Story

Welcome to COVER ME NOT Swimsuits!
Cover Me Not (CMN) was conceived by Kelly Tandiono & Simona Travnickova,
two best friends who share the same fashion-forward ideas, vision, and aspirations.
Initially, CMN's collection was inspired by the lack of "Petite Bust" swimsuits available on the market. Kelly & Simona truly believe that all women today should feel confident about themselves no matter their body shape and size. Subsequently, the birth of COVER ME NOT came after the launch of their wildly successful RAVEN collection at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Our team is continuously working on the latest designs in the CMN workshop, to give you that stylish & sexy ‘CMN look’.

Stay tuned for the new collection coming soon!

All of our swimsuits are proudly hand-made in Indonesia.

Social Responsibility

We think that every worker should be paid fairly and treated humanely. We make every effort to ensure that the products sold at CMN are manufactured in the most socially responsible manner possible, without the use of sweat-shop labor.